Greensboro: I’m baaaaack! Let’s get talking about living well with PTSD when starting your new job!

PTSD or CPTSD, it’s going to be the same for all us SURVIVORS. When you finally find a new job to give a part of your wonderful self to it’s going to be very hard not to overcompensate for the existence of the not-so-wonderful elements of your ‘Self’. Putting yourself into the highest gear you can physically tolerate to drive in the opposite direction of living with your PTSD will only cause your nervous system to splutter and come to a stop. Greensboro

Greensboro: PTSD Recovery Book

Greensboro I think “#dealwithit – living well with PTSD” is a book for anyone who has lost it all. If you have been shot at, faced with sudden loss, blown up, screwed over (or in my case, screwed), this book is for you. I like to think of it as duct tape for the soul.” —Dr. John A. King

Greensboro: Dear Santa, Please may I have a new brain? Love Laura, a Compex PTSD survivor

Christmas is coming. It’s bloody well almost round the mountain, about to ‘sleigh’ my brain all over again. The annual dread of the ‘big day’. Memories, triggers, confusing feelings, remorse and more. Sound familiar? Heavens above, you are not alone! [cityname]

Greensboro: Complications arise with a new job. Fear of oversharing when you are a PTSD survivor.

I don’t want my new boss to regret hiring me. She is an amazing boss and very kind, someone I connect to instinctively. I mustn’t lose her trust, or run away out of fear of what might become of our effective working relationship if I overshare at some point. [cityname]

Greensboro: CPTSD and PTSD shields. She-Ra’s or He-Man’s?

What do CPTSD or PTSD survivors (we do not use the word ‘victim’) use to defend themselves when all has been broken and torn apart? If you’re alive to read this right now, then whatever you have experienced, I promise you, YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. You found your SHIELD.

Greensboro: Books On PTSD And Relationships

[cityname]: Books On PTSD And Relationships. A ‘partner’ is a person who sits outside of your day to day battle. It should be someone you trust, someone who is for you, someone who ‘sees’ the person you are trying to be and not the person you occasionally are.